Information Security Advisory

Information security advisory as a service is a powerful method to improve the security landscape of your organization against the threats that might compromise the data as well as the privacy of your origination’s processes and transactions. Such cybersecurity assessment services for companies is very essential since the number of cyber threats targeting small, medium and large-sized companies are increasing day by day. Information security advisory as a service mainly revolves around the following aspects

Information Security Advisory as a Service

Monitoring the system as per requirement

This is an important aspect of security assessment services, where your system gets monitored in complete compliance with the standard requirements of information and cybersecurity. This is done to ensure that every activity decided as per your policies and procedures gets implemented perfectly.

Cost benefit

It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) to obtain such support due to the high costs of hiring a full-time CISO, and competition for skilled and available personnel. Further not all companies need a full-time CISO on staff. Hiring security advisory services drastically reduces the payroll cost, as the organization does not have any overheads.

Scalability of the service

The services can be on project to project basis, thus avoiding a long-term commitment from the organization. The turnaround time for the increased resource strength is much lesser.

Competency & Experience

With the help of advisory services, the organization can get access to a pool of experts with both executive leadership skills and technical acumen. There is no time and money spent for gaining competence. The organization can leverage out of the expertise of resources from multiple domains, and thus can have better cyber security solutions.

Review the risk assessment

Under this aspect of information security risk assessment services, quarterly review will be done for all important changes made in your systems and processes. Your risk assessment sheet will be reviewed with the concerned department owners, and suitable mitigation controls will be suggested. This will ultimately help you stay away from all possible threats.

Along with this, assistance will be provided to respond and recover from any information security issues.

System improvement

Our advisors will work closely with your team and will give suggestions for improving your entire system, so that corrective actions can be efficiently taken, whenever required. Training will be given additionally to the team, which will help in making them self-sufficient in achieving improvements as per global standards.

Report to the top management

This is another part of information security risk assessment services, where your processes are overseen for their compliance towards legal and other regulatory requirements. Also, quarterly reports regarding all risks and updates will be prepared and sent to the top management, so as to ensure that everything about your organization’s information security is in place.

Independent review of the ISMS

Since the advisory services from third party directly reports to senior management, objectivity and impartiality will be maintained.

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Auditing Board

The Auditing Board, established in 2021, is a forward-thinking firm dedicated to transforming organizations into customer-focused, environmentally sustainable, and secure entities. Our mission is to guide businesses in enhancing their processes and empowering their workforce, enabling them to navigate market challenges effectively. Through meticulous auditing and strategic insights, we aim to foster a culture of continual improvement, ensuring that organizations not only meet but exceed expectations in customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and overall security. Our commitment lies in propelling organizations towards a future where resilience, sustainability, and customer-centricity are integral to their success.